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Today I am going to tell you about different app that is very useful for your day to day life. This app is more useful for students and persons with busy schedule. As a student you have write down all the notes by your self. In campus or higher studies there is no separate time was given to write down the notes. You have to write down important things when professor continues his/her lecture.

What if you can focus on lecture let someone to write them down. Voicera is the best solution that you can have. Voicera come with integrated A.I. assistant called Eva that help as to take down notes easily. It can take notes when as lecturer speaks and has the ability to point out important facts. Not only that it can summerize.

If you attend a meeting you have to take down notes there too. You can let voicera to take notes and you can completely focus on people instead on your notepad. You can say “action item” to make important point.


Voicera is a free Android app. You can download this app for your mobile device. Search Google play Store for voicera. You can also download Voicera apk.

Features of Voicera App

  • Error corrected summaries automatically emailed to your inbox
  • Invite Eva to capture your online meetings or teleconference calls (with Google Calendar, Office 365 or invite eva@voicera.com via email)
  • Revamped capture of in-person meetings, with closed captioning, voice activated notes, and a highlight button
  • Speech search functionality
  • Predictive highlights that look to summarize important moments
  • Playback highlight and share with colleagues

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