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There are many apk in your android system. Social media apps, web browsing apps are more common among them. As I think these are the apps are used more frequently by most of us. For your android just like all the above mentioned apps a cleaner app also needed. So here we have clean master apk designed for your android by the Cheetah Mobile Company.

If I talk about some background features of this clean master apk, the first point that comes to my mind is the apk is FREE. As this is very useful for me in cleaning my android I really like to thank the developers of this apk for providing it under the category licence Free. before using this apk in my android really my android was a headache to me due to the troubles that causes for me when doing some important things related to my carrier in a place where I don’t have access to any other source. But thankfully I was able to overcome the problems of low speed and well as memory fullness of my android due to this great tool clean master apk.

When talking about clean master apk we know it as a cleaning tool as the name also suggest us to think so. But in addition to the cleaning it perform several other tasks also.

Mainly cleaning junk files is done by clean master apk and it offer us a clean and a tidy android. A clean and a neat android will automatically provide you with the better and a fast experience.

Earlier also I mentioned that clean master apk is not only performing the act of cleaning your android. But there are many more. Now I am going to summarize some of them.

CleaningCleaning all the junk files collected in the android
AntivirusDetecting and destroying all the malicious files that affect the android function
BoostingThe apk will free the RAM by boosting the android
Notification cleanerProvide the opportunity to delete the temporary used notifications from different apps and permits you to block some notifications
Battery saverThe action is done by hibernating apps that runs uselessly in the background
CPU coolerHigh temperature of the CPU than the optimum temperature will tend to slower performance and also affect battery life also. Clean master apk by detecting and cooling the CPU to optimum performance support for the superior functioning
AppLockThrough this you can protect some apps by using an app lock. This lock can be either a pin or a pattern
Whatsapp eraserHelp to delete chat and call history of whatsapp
Safe ConnectThrough this option clean master apk is trying to protect you from dangerous networks


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