AcMarket App – Ultimate Play Store alternative

Best play store alternative app for Android. Play store mod app. Acmarket app has paid apps and games for free download. You can download latest. mode android apps and games for free using acmarket app.

This app provide fast download for all apps and games and it also install them for you. This app store consist of amazing android games and apps which you can install on your android device for free. Acmarket app is free and allows you to customize the app according to your requirements.

ACMarket is not the only one alternative for Google play store. But it has been able to highlight itself with a large number of applications included in it. Other than that most market applications offer apps with shortcomings and limited availability in selected countries. Most other market apps are enclosed with a large number of irritating advertisements which act as a disturbance for all the users. But if you are an ACMarket user, you are lucky enough to not to experience these irritating things but only a smoother interface to fulfill your needs.

Features of AcMarket app

  • User-friendly interface that is very similar to Google Play Store
  • Easy to navigate
  • Updated on a regular basis with modified APKs supplied by users from the entire global community
  • Fast download speeds
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device
  • Works on Android and iOSThe number one modified Android app store, providing modified and tweaked version of apps and games for free
  • Plenty of premium apps for free

Download Acmaket app


You can download acmarket app from official download page.

Download acmarket app

App Suggestions

Adaway Apk

For the people who rooted their Android device, can use this app. Adaway is the best ad blocker app that I came up with. No more annoying ads on Android apps and games. Even when browsing the internet using chrome too. No more hangs up for video ads. Freely use your Android device without letting android apps or games to interrupt you. You own the device you control it. Don’t let ads screw up your daily schedule. If you want some of the ads to be present and to block some annoying one, yes it is possible with adaway app. All you have to do is whitelist those ad sources. For more information go to adaway apk website.


Perfect automated note taker. Voicera is a new app and previously this app was called as wrappup. This app has integrated assistance called “eva”. Eva can take notes in the meeting for your. It can point out important things in the meeting and summarize them for you. You can say “action item” or press action button to highlight points in the meeting. This is new apps and has good use feedbacks.

Download voicera apk

FileLinked (Formerly DroidAdmin)

DroidAdmin was redesigned and renamed as Filelinked. You can download FileLinked Apk for any Android device. FileLinked Apk has many new and upcoming features. Droidadmin is also a free app  and does not require root access. This app is very useful bulk downloads. You can also use this app to program your Android devices like amazon fire TV, fire stick, nvidia shield and etc. You can create your own collection using this app. for example you can create app collection and use it as your own app store. No need of programming knowledge. Simple and easy.

Download FileLinked Apk

Aptoide lite

Aptoide lite is a Android marketplace. It also developed by aptoide developers which is much more faster and lighter than aptoide. This app was specially designed for low memory android devices. Using this app you can download paid Android apps, Games for free. Contain huge collection of Android apps and games for free download.

You can download awesome android games and apps for free and has fast download speed. No limitations or region barriers. Aptoide is differ from other app stores is that it allows other users to create their own stores inside aptoide and upload apps and games. So you can find any app you want inside aptoide market place.

Download Aptoide lite


Crunchyroll is for anime lovers. This app contain over 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of the latest and greatest anime series.Watch the latest episodes and binge previous seasons of your favorite shows like Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, and Attack on Titan. Stream new episodes immediately after TV broadcast in Japan.Watch all shows ad-free in HD quality on all available devices. Purchase, download, and read manga in our brand new Manga Shop, including favorites like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, The Seven Deadly Sins, and more.

Download Crunchyroll Apk


Neverthink Apk for Android. Watching interested videos on the internet is fun. But the problem is when you want to watch videos you like at the end of the day or while eating is not possible. Because you have to search and play. Normally daily fail videos, news or anything you like will not be much longer. Most of the interested and funny videos are short. So you have to search and play another. What if someone watch all the videos on the internet and select best of them and categories them. Yep Neverthink does that. No complex algorithms all videos are 100% hand picked. Every time you want to chill open this app and select category you want from 32 categories in it. This is a completely free app.

Download Neverthink app

Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV is one of the best entertainment app for Android devices at this time. It brings to you the top-quality content in HD quality from around the globe. You can watch all of it absolutely free of cost. It has tons of movies, latest episodes, documentaries, and whatnot. The best thing about this Morpheus TV app is, It has huge collection of Movies, Shows, and series episode and all are available in HD quality. What more interesting about this app IS Its got subtitles for each single video.

Download Morpheus TV APK

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